Why Buy?

Why Buy?
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I am certainly attempting the not impossible but severely challenging and to some unrealistic goal of buying a house.

My friends want me to get out and the solution is always public housing or renting.  Not a bad option, but for me, my feeling is that women are always forced to leave and move around.  Women are always forced to be on the move with the children and struggle to find a stable living environment.

I know that leaving our current home(we rent) will mean moving our kids to another rental and we moved twice in 2015 and this is the kid’s 3rd home.

I am sure some people have moved more. I certainly did not have this experience, living in the same house until I went to college.

That is certainly my apprehension and major concern.  Additionally, moving might mean changing schools.

These are all patterns I don’t want to add to my children’s lives.

I want to leave here and own a home.

I want to feel settled… finally settled.

Since we moved here, I have not unpacked all my boxes.  There are no photos on the wall.

It’s been almost two years.

I don’t want my heart to race when he walks in.

I know all the those things can be achieved by renting a place where he does not live, but that is settling for me.  It’s a half-step… it’s not our home.  It’s not ease.  It’s looking over our shoulders.  It’s  being careful not to make a hole in the wall.

To give my children the gift of a home – their own home… that is my wish this year and why buying will be my very challenging end-goal.