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About Nerves of Steel

January 2, 2017

I begin this New Year with a commitment to transition for both my and my family’s wellbeing.

Nerves of Steel is my way of embarking upon my transition journey.

I spoke about it at great lengths in 2016… and 2015 and 2014… when I finally addressed among some family and friends just how unhappy I was… how unhappy we were.

It was festering like a sore in Langston Hughes’ “A Dream Deferred”.

My marriage, which began in non-ideal circumstances, put two people together that were looking for something they thought they saw in the other and while I cannot speak for my husband, he has said he thought he saw something that is no longer there.

From those moments of holding onto something because it was something, to our current wilted state, comes Nerves of Steel, a phrase I came up with a number of years ago as things began imploding.

I could go on, but that is what this blog and the articles I write as Synclair Stephens will come to illustrate.

I want to build a community of women in similar situations and speak to them.  I want to speak to couples in similar situations; parents and maybe teens who have lived in families with such tensions from a young age.

My time of silence is over and some might say, “Then why not use your real name?”

I think it is understandable that I can be the most transparent without affecting the private lives of my children or my husband for that matter.  We have a right to go on without a barrage of intrusion.

My vow is to be honest and to present the facts from both sides as best I can because nothing is ever as simple as black and white.

To a year of transition and growth beyond our wildest dreams!